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Air conditioners for caravans and motorhomes

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Dometic HB 2500

Under-bench air conditioner with 2500 watts for vehicle lengths of up to 8 m

  • Pleasantly quiet operation
  • Energy-efficient heat pump system for cooling and heating
  • Low-noise air circulation
  • Three blower speeds
  • Individual positioning of the three air outlets
  • Excellent user convenience with multi-functional remote control
  • Low weight
  • No additional roof load, optimises the vehicle's features
  • Vehicle height remains unchanged
  • Circuit protection for campsites: 4 A in cooling mode or 5 A in heating mode, delay fuse
  • Can be operated via the optional DC-Kit-3 also while driving (12 volts DC)

  • Product data sheet for printout  Product data sheet for printout
  • 230 volts AC stationary operation230 volts AC stationary operation
  • Using the optional DC-Kit-3 also for mobile operation (12 volts DC)Using the optional DC-Kit-3 also for mobile operation (12 volts DC)
  • Energy-efficient heat pump system for cooling and heatingEnergy-efficient heat pump system for cooling and heating
  • For vehicle lengths of up to 8 metresFor vehicle lengths of up to 8 metres
  • The world's first under-bench air conditioner with heating
  • No additional roof load
Best for vehicle length 8m max.
Cooling capacity 2500 watts / 8500 Btu/h
Heating capacity 3000 watts

Maximum heating capacity = heat pump capacity plus heating resistor capacity.
When the ambient temperature drops, the heating capacity of the heat pump reduces. We recommend you operate this at ambient temperatures of +2°C and above.

(cooling mode/heat pump)
900 / 1100 watts
Input voltage 230 volts AC/50 Hz
Current consumption
(cooling mode/heat pump)
3.9 / 4.8 A
Required circuit protection Cooling: 4 A
Heating: 5 A
Refrigerant R 410A
Dimensions (WxHxD) 400 x 280 x 710 mm
Weight 24.9 kg
Number of air vents 3 air outlets (optional) to be centrally or as required
Number of blower speeds 3
Remote control yes
Functions Clock, night-time control, timer, temperature pre-setting (+18°C to +30°C), automatic mode, c ooling / heating
Test mark E-approved to EMC / automotive directive
Item designation: Dometic HB 2500
Ref. No.: 9100100010
Accessories DC-Kit-3 for 12-volt operation
Ref. No.: 9100300002 Product details
  DC-Kit-5 for 24-volt operation
Ref. No.: 9100300073 Product details
  Dometic TEC 29 generator
Ref. No.: 9102900200 Product details
  Dometic TEC 29LPG generator
Ref. No.: 9102900179 Product details
  Dometic TEC 30EV generator
Ref. No.: 9102900033 Product details
  Dometic TEC 40D generator
Ref. No.: 9102900201 Product details
  Circular air inlet grill 2 pieces, ø 190 mm
Ref. No.: 9100300018 Product details
  Rectangular air inlet grill 240 x 240 mm
Ref. No.: 9100300017 Product details
  Air outlet grill kit 3-pieces, ø 60 mm
Ref. No.: 9100300077 Product details
  Curve 90°, ø 60 mm
Ref. No.: 9100300015 Product details
  Flexible hose ø 60 mm x 10 m
Ref. No.: 9100300019 Product details

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